Rape: The True Face of Evil

Very Bad Apple

| By Aaliya Javed |

Evolution, the theory of natural selection. The notion that suggests that only the fittest can survive. It is a theory that has profound influence in shaping the world as it exists today. I still wonder what Mr. Darwin really meant about his theory of evolution. The inclination that man is essentially an animal has many behavioral implications. One of them being ‘rape’. The fulfillment of sexual needs by any means necessary.

2014 – Supposedly an age of modernity where ambition, success and intellectual superiority prevail. But unfortunately that is not the case. We live in a state of utter disarray. It is a state in which we are guided by our carnal desires above anything else. We live in a society where a high degree of sexual immorality exists in the form of sexual harassment, rape and molestation.

Rape is perhaps the easiest display of…

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